News From Pristava

Pristavska Noč 2022

Slovenska Pristava presents Pristavska Noč, a Special 60th Anniversary Celebration

Camp Pristava 2021

Camp Pristava is scheduled for Monday July 12, 2021 through Sunday, July, 18, 2021 at Slovenska Pristava. The Head Counselor will be Sophia Tromba (with assistant Zoe Gregory) Danny Skrbis will be the camp director and Denise Krulc will be the parent-in-charge.

Opening Day Picnic – May 30, 2021

Start the 2021 summer season at Slovenska Pristava’s Opening Day Veselica featuring “Slovenska Hrana Na Žaru”, Slovenian-style grilling feast, on Sunday, May 30! Dinner will be a variety of grilled meats cooked to perfection including side dishes and dessert. Dinner is $17.00 and no need to make reservations.

Slovenska Pristava Debris Cleanup – March 27 2021

Hello members! We are in need of volunteers to meet Saturday, March 27, at 9am at Pristava. The project will consist of cleanup of construction waste pile (lumber scraps, garbage, debris, etc). If we can get about 8 or more volunteers, we could complete in 2 to 3 hours. If you are available to help out, please call or text John Srsen at (440) 463-8402

Paver Fundraiser 2021

The next Chapel Paver Fundraiser is underway. Beginning May 2, 2019, and running through May 1, 2020, you can purchase a paver to support the Chapel/Orlov Vrh renovations. If you are interested, please send the form and payment to Sonia Omahen to the address on the form.