The Pensioners Club of Slovenska Pristava

The Pensioners Club of Slovenska Pristava

Our club was established in 1987. All Pristava members in good standing are able to join our club when they reach age 60 or when they retire.  Our current annual membership dues are $10.00.


The purpose of the club is to bring together retired and older people who are members of Slovenska Pristava to:

1.) Foster social interaction of membership with meetings, social gatherings and group travel.

2.) Provide financial and physical support to Slovenska Pristava as possible.

3.) Provide financial support to Slovenian school and cultural organizations as possible.

4.) Support our sick members with prayers, get well wishes and visits.

5.) Support our deceased members and families with joint prayers and funeral attendance.

6.) Support our fund raisers by offering help when needed.


We have monthly luncheon meetings, annual picnic on Pristava in August, koline (sausage dinner) in October, and Božičnica (Christmas dinner) for all our Pensioner members in December. We also schedule a bus trip outing for our members two or three times a year. We pray at the funeral homes whenever any of our members pass away. In the spring we organize a cleaning day to get Pristava ready for the summer picnic season. Some of our members even work year-round on Pristava doing whatever work is necessary so Pristava operates smoothly.


We, as Pensioners Club members, have to show good example to our young Slovenian generation and welcome them with open hearts and arms, so they will also want to become Pristava members and later join us as Pensioners of Slovenska Pristava. Our responsibility is to work with Slovenska Pristava board, Campers, two Slovenian churches and schools and other Slovenian organizations. Our goal should be to work in unity for the preservation of our Slovenian heritage in the greater Cleveland area. We are very fortunate to have Pristava. Let’s take care of it and pass it on to the next generation, so they too will have the opportunity to enjoy this “little piece of Slovenia” right here in America.


The Pensioners Club is an organization with a “positive attitude.”




By Frank Vidmar

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Slovenska Pristava is a 501c3 organization. All donations to our organization are tax-deductible.