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Pristava Campers

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An update on the latest COVID-19 guidelines that is mandatory in order for us to use the facility. Please read the attachment and respond at this link that you received it and fully understand what is required. Address any questions to John Srsen at 440-944-5709 or 440-463-8402.


In Summary:

  • Only immediate family members are allowed inside the cabin (not to exceed 10 people)
  • All other family members and guests (not to exceed 10) are only allowed ouside the cabin with social distancing. You are responsible for your guests to follow all safety measures.
  • Social distancing by maintaining at least six feet between individuals is a priority.
  • Restrooms at the campgrounds will be open (not to exceed 2 people) and you must sanitize the handles and seat after each use. After you have completed the sanitizing, please sign and date the sign off sheet in front of the restrooms.
  • Take these requirements seriously because they come with big fines and even worse closure of the campgrounds. Regulations will ease up with time and everyone’s participation of safety behavior. 

God bless

Mirko Kristanc, Jim Omahen and Tom Percic

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