Swimming Pool Schedule and Rates

Swimming Pool

After a cold and snowy winter, I am confident that you are looking forward to summer sunshine, warm weather, and fun times relaxing poolside with your family and friends.  2022 brings a few upgrades to make your visit more pleasurable.  Additional tables, benches, and new umbrellas have been purchased for the pool area.  Also, the bathroom floors have been coated with a non-skid finish for your safety.


The pool will be open every day, Monday included, weather permitting. Once the season starts, inclement weather will dictate closures.  For the latest information, follow Slovenska Pristava on Facebook for any changes to the pool hours of operation.  Decisions are usually made by 10:00 am. Additionally, emails are sent out. If you are not on the Pristava email list, you can send a request to be added to membership@pristava.org and put “Add me” to the mailing list in the Re: line.


The Pristava membership card will be needed for access to the property at the gate entrance on all non-scheduled event days.  Passes for members will be available and you are encouraged to purchase these at the bargain value rate.  Non-members are always welcome to be your guests when you are present at the pool with them on non-scheduled event days. Scheduled picnics on the Pristava property welcome all picnic attendees to use the pool facilities at the member and non-member daily price rates.


Expensive repair work on the pool slide railings is in progress and, hopefully, will be completed this summer.  Due to the age of the pool, rising costs of chemicals, rising lifeguard salaries, equipment repair and replacement, a committee was formed to update pool rates.  The chart below reflects the new rates adopted for the 2022 season. There is always a need for gate volunteers to work 3-hour shifts.  Please consider volunteering this summer.  It’s fun and rewarding.  You will be trained by the best pool crew around. Looking forward to seeing you this summer beginning on our Opening Picnic, Sunday, May 29th.  Contact me for any questions, to reserve the Pavilion or to volunteer at the gate.

Pool Schedule 2022


  • The main gate will be closed at all times. Members will need to have their membership card for access to the property.
  • Members must be present at all times for their non-member guest(s) to enter the pool grounds.


  • No entrance will be permitted without a member present at all times.
  • No Non-Member Family Pool Passes will be sold.

Pavilion and Pool Area

  • The pool pavilion can be rented only to members with a limited number of guests.
  • Do not move any tables or benches. 


  • The pool staff will not provide any goggles, boards, noodles, toys, balls, basketball hoop, etc., for any guests.
  • Bring your own pool toys.
  • No lost and found bin provided.
  • Anything left behind will be thrown out.


  • Bring your own food and drinks (NO GLASS BOTTLES PERMITTED).
  • Dispose of all trash properly in garbage receptacles provided.
  • Dogs are not permitted inside the gated area.

Swimming Pool Fees for 2022

Pool Rates

Pool Contact

Margie Leden, Pool Manager

Phone: (440)487-6541

Giving & Support

Slovenska Pristava is a 501c3 organization. All donations to our organization are tax-deductible.