07 June 2021

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Camp Pristava 2021

Hello everyone!! We are so excited for Camp Pristava. This year will be led by Sophia Tromba and assisted by Zoe Gregory.

After pushing through last year and giving the kids a happy and healthy experience, we look forward to having everyone back at camp this year. We invite anyone that missed last year to return and will have plenty of room for new and first time campers with the expansion of facilities at Pristava. The counselors and staff are excited to make sure that everyone in attendance enjoys the best week of the year.

Camp Pristava is scheduled for Monday July 12, 2021 through Sunday, July, 18, 2021 at Slovenska Pristava. The Head Counselor will be Sophia Tromba (with assistant Zoe Gregory) Danny Skrbis will be the camp director and Denise Krulc will be the parent-in-charge. Danny Skrbis can be contacted at 216-832-5829 or and Denise Krulc can be contacted at 440-477-0738. Check-in will be Monday, July 12th between 10:00 am and 11:00 am. Late arrivals disrupt camp, so please be prompt. Pick up will be on Sunday July 18th after 12 noon mass.

Enrollment is open to all members of Slovenska Pristava, St. Mary’s and St. Vitus Slovenian Schools and is available to children who have completed 3rd grade (must be 9 yrs. old) through 8th grade.

Please find registration form on this link.

If anyone has any questions you can contact Sophia Tromba at 440-867-1331 or and Danny Skrbiš at (216) 832-5829 or

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