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Giving & Support

Slovenska Pristava is now a 501c3 organization. All donations to our organization is now tax-deductible. Pristava picnics are scheduled, organized, and worked by Pristava Board members. Year after year it has seen harder and harder to find volunteers to help during the summer Pristava picnics. We ask you, members and non-members, to please call the people in charge to sign up for any of the following categories according to your physical ability to perform the work comfortably and to fit your personality. If each one of you would put in 2 hours at 2 picnics, it will make the workload much lighter for the members that have been volunteering their time all along. With more volunteers, we could all enjoy the picnics at Pristava with our family and friends. To help, please call or e-mail us using web contact form or visit our contact list on this link.


Kitchen Help needed

Pristava has scheduled picnics this summer. Dinners will be served or you can be served with hamburgers, sausages, hot dogs, and other food. We need 10-15 volunteers to work in the kitchen for each Pristava picnic. All members who know their way around a kitchen or can help serve, are asked to volunteer by calling Ani Sterle (216-470-4654). Baked goods and sweets. We kindly ask all pastry chefs to bake some goodies for Pristava’s events. Thank you.