Camp Pristava 2021

Camp Pristava 2021

Camp Pristava is scheduled for Monday July 12, 2021 through Sunday, July, 18, 2021 at Slovenska Pristava. The Head Counselor will be Sophia Tromba (with assistant Zoe Gregory) Danny Skrbis will be the camp director and Denise Krulc will be the parent-in-charge. Danny Skrbis can be contacted at 216-832-5829 or dmskrbis@gmail.com and Denise Krulc can be contacted at 440-477-0738. Check-in will be Monday, July 12th between 10:00 am and 11:00 am. Late arrivals disrupt camp, so please be prompt. Pick up will be on Sunday July 18th after 12 noon mass.


Camp Pristava is for members of Slovenska Pristava, Saint Mary’s Slovenian School, and Saint Vitus Slovenian School only. Camp is for children who have completed third grade and are 9 years old through 14 years old and runs from Monday to Sunday. Junior “Weekend” Camp is for children under 9 years old and requires that each child is with a parent at all times and runs from Friday to Sunday.


Since this is a volunteer based camp, each family is required to volunteer a couple of hours of their time. Volunteer sign ups are attached to the registration forms.


Forms and fees must be postmarked by June 28, 2021 otherwise there is a $ 25 late fee per child for those who register after June 28, 2021 in.

  • 1 st child $200.00 (after June 28th, 2021 $ 225.00)
  • 2 nd child $175.00 (after June 28th, 2021 $ 200.00)
  • 3 rd child $150.00 (after June 28th, 2021 $ 175.00)
  • 4 th child $150.00 (after June 28th, 2021 $ 175.00)

Camp Corp is for teens that have completed 9 th grade (ages 15 – 17). The fee for Camp Corp is $100.00.


We are in need of a Camp Corp Leader, please contact Sophia Tromba at 440-867-1331 if you can volunteer for this group.


Junior “Weekend” Camp (Children and Parents) begins prior to dinner on Friday and runs through Sunday. The fee for the Junior Camp is $25.00 per child plus $ 50.00 per parent. Annie Muller will be the parent-in-charge of Junior Camp 2021. If there is a parent interested in assisting Annie Muller for Junior Camp this year, please contact her at 440-376-6169. Details will be forthcoming.


Donations, whether in cash or food, are always welcome and greatly appreciated and are tax deductible. Food donation ideas: milk (2%), fruit, desserts, snacks, cases of bottled water, plastic cups, etc. Please contact Kelley Veider (kelleymveider@gmail.com) to coordinate.


Payment, General Release, and Medical Authorization Forms must be completed and sent to Denise Krulc, by June 28, 2021. Preferred method of payment via PayPal on the Slovenska Pristava website. If you must write a check make it payable to: Camp Pristava


Forms and checks needs to be mailed to: Denise Krulc, 10595 Tibbetts Road, Kirtland, OH 44094.

Closed Campus


Similar to last year we will have a closed campus. Visitors on the grounds, excluding Cabin area and pool, will only be permitted to enter camp area for a designated purpose (i.e. kitchen or cleanup volunteering, adult assisting with an activity or to drop off donations). All volunteers will need to sign in and sign out with Camp Director, Parent-in-charge or kitchen leaders. Campers and counselors are not permitted to leave and return unless for an approved reason. Sports practice, other camps, or work are not valid exceptions. Please plan accordingly. If you have a special situation contact Camp Director.


Financial Assistance


We do have a small fund to help families attend camp. If you would like to be considered, please email Danny Skrbis (dmskrbis@gmail.com).


Taborjenje 2021 Committee

Registration Instructions

  1. Read Email, Website Instructions
  2. Print and read Camp Pristava – Taborjenje 2021 Letter – 2 pages
  3. Have one parent Register On-Line using Google forms 
  4. Print, complete and mail the Emergency Medical Authorization Form on this link.
  5. Print, complete and mail the Camp Pristava General Release Form on this link.
  6. Kitchen and Sunday Morning Cleanup Volunteer sign-ups are now on Google sheets, which can be found here. You do NOT need a google account to edit. Find the link “volunteer” section of the Camp Pristava website and fill in the times you can volunteer. (Google sheets allows everyone to edit & put their names where they want. Everyone will always have the most up to date copy)
  7. Pay below using PayPal (preferred) or using this link https://slovenskapristava.org/camp-pristava-payment/  or Mail Payment – Check payable to Camp Pristava
  8. Forms and check to be mailed to: Denise Krulc, 10595 Tibbetts Road, Kirtland, OH 44094
  9. Complete Registration on line and mail forms and check, postmarked by June 28 2021; otherwise there is a $ 25 late fee per child
  10. We do have limited capacity. If necessary we reserve the right to cutoff new registration. Please register early.
  11. Questions – contact Sophia Tromba at camppristavawebsite@gmail.com


Camp Pristava is a sub-ordinate organization of the St. Vitus Slovenian Language School of St. Vitus Parish of Cleveland, Ohio and of the St. Mary Slovenian Language School of St. Mary Parish of Cleveland, Ohio and sponsored by Slovenska Pristava.


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Slovenska Pristava is a 501c3 organization. All donations to our organization are tax-deductible.