23 March 2020

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Paver Fundraiser

Paver Fundraiser

The next Chapel Paver Fundraiser is underway. Beginning May 2, 2019, and running through May 1, 2020, you can purchase a paver to support the Chapel/Orlov Vrh renovations. If you are interested, please send the form and payment to Sonia Omahen to the address on the form. The prices are: 4″x8″ paver-$125 and 8″x8″ paver-$225.

All pavers that will be purchased during this fundraiser will be installed before the next Spominska Maša in 2020. If you have any questions, please contact Sonia Omahen at 216-469-4052. Thank you for supporting the Chapel/Orlov Vrh fundraiser. Chapel Committee