Camp Pristava 2016

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Camp Pristava 2016 will be held from Monday, July 11th through Sunday, July17st, 2016 at Slovenska Pristava in Harpersfield, Ohio. StanleyKrulc will be the Head Counselor for Camp 2016. Camp Pristava is for students of St. Mary’s Slovenian School, St. Vitus Slovenian School and children of Slovenska Pristava members. Camp is open to children who have completed 3rd grade (must be 9 years old) through 8th grade. For additional information, please contact Tony Hauptman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 440-382-5500.


Download this file (Camp_Medical_Form_2016.pdf)Camp_Medical_Form_2016.pdf[Medical Form 2016]74 kB
Download this file (Camp_Registration_Form_2016.pdf)Camp_Registration_Form_2016.pdf[Registration Form]97 kB
Download this file (Camp_Release_Form_2016.pdf)Camp_Release_Form_2016.pdf[Release Form]72 kB
Download this file (Taborjenje_2016.pdf)Taborjenje_2016.pdf[Taborjenje 2016]134 kB